• Rheumatoid Arthritis (Vatarakta) – A 22yrs young lady, Suffering since 3yrs, from severe pain and swelling in Right Knee joint, Pain also in both elbow, Shoulder, ankle, wrist, low back, neck and in finger joints. Deformity in elbow joints.  Emaciated, with severe weakness and anemia.

    According to Ayurveda Diagnosed as Gambheera VaataRaktha. Doshas are in the level of the deep seated Dhaathus;

    Treatments done: Abhyanga (massage), Dhanyamla dhaara (Pouring Medicated Decoction over the body), Sneha paana (Drinking ghee), Virechana(Purgation), Kaala Basthi (Giving medicine through anal route)

    Condition on discharge: After two course of treatment, Pain and swelling are well reduced in all the joints with weight is gained. But deformity is still present.

  • Multiple sclerosis (Ojo Kshaya): A 53yrs old lady, suffering since 2yrs, from loss of strength, with swelling in the whole body, Loss of appetite, Could not walk, moving with wheel chair, Slurred speech, Myopia, Difficulty in finger movement, Mild Paralysis of both upper and lower limb.

    According to Ayurveda Diagnosed as Dhaathu kshayajanya Vaata Vyadhi or Ojo Kshaya.

    Treatments done: Abhyanga, Dhanyamla Dhaara, Shirodhaara, ShiroBasthi, Nasya karma, Kaalabasthi.

    Condition on discharge: She can eat food her self, she can stand and walk for few steps with support, Edema over the body is well reduced.