Words like piles, fissure etc are discussed by general public in day to day life. Whether they really meant those words?  Many times these words used wrongly or as synonymous, though related to ano-rectal region.     For all ano-rectal problems assuming that they suffer from piles, people consult doctor. What are these disorders?  How they differ each other etc discussed here.

A mostly ano-rectal disease are not life threatening diseases, but these leads to most discomfort to the patients and deteriorates quality of life of the patients.    High incidence of the diseases and lack of knowledge in the public about these diseases made quacks to treat these, in injudicious way. Therefore we find number of advertisements, display boards in the public places about the treatments of these diseases.

In this view, this is important for general public to know about these diseases, superior mode of Ayurveda treatments. Many people without consulting doctors simply consume commercially available Ayurvedic drugs for piles, irrespective of types of ano-rectal diseases. This is also because people are afraid of surgery as doctor may advice surgery.

Therefore commonly people prefer to consult person who assures treatments without surgery. In such circumstances patient may end with serious complications. In this view one should know management of these disorders by medicines and food habits.