Purification of the body with five specific kinds of treatments is called as Panchakarma, namely

  • Vamana (Medicated emesis)
  • Virechana (Medicated purgation)
  • Basti (Medicated enema)
  • Nasya (Instilling medicine through Nasal route)
  • Raktamokshana (Blood letting)

Other supportive treatments for the Panchakarma procedures include:

  • Abhyanga (Oil massage)
  • Swedana (Sudation)
  • Dhara (Pouring medicated Oil or decoction on the body)
  • Shiro dhara (Pouring medicated Oil on the head)
  • Shiro basti (Keeping oil on the head)
  • Netra tarpana (Keeping medicated Ghee on the eyes)
  • Patra pinda sweda (Sudation using medicated leaves)
  • Shashtika shali pinda sweda (Sudation using medicated rice)
  • Churna pinda sweda (Sudation using medicated powder)
  • Udwartana (Rubbing the body with medicated powder)
  • Kati basti, Janu basti (Keeping the medicated oil on Low back or Knee joints) etc.