Detailed consultation: Ayurveda has its own way of diagnosing a disease and its pathological stages based on principles of Dosha (Vata Pitta and Kapha), Dhatu (Body components), Mala (Metabolic wastes) and Aama (Toxins). During consultation patients are assessed in detail with this methodology of diagnosis, before prescribing a medicine or a treatment procedure.

The line and course of the treatment and a suitable diet is planned and explained to the patients depending on the needs of the Disease and Prakruthi (Body type) of the individual.

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Panchakarma Chikitsa (Purification/detoxification treatment): Panchakarma chikitsa being the best treatment modalities of Ayurveda are aptly planned and efficiently executed by the chief physician of the Ashrama Dr. Ramesh P. V. BAMS, Panchakarma specialist who has been trained in this speciality and excellently treating common as well as challenging diseases including IVDP, MS, RA etc. since year 1998. Diagnosis and management of diseases are discussed with group of doctors working under him before executing the appropriate treatment.

Speciality of Panchakarma chikitsa of Partha Ayurveda Ashram is that the Doctors including the Chief Physician are actively involved in planning and executing the treatments, right from Abhyanga (Body massage) to Rakta mokshana (Blood letting).

Kshara Chikitsa (Alkali treatment): Specialized and unique treatment facility available for Anorectal Diseases with high success rate and minimum recurrence by well experienced Ayurveda surgeon Dr. P. Ramesh Bhat BAMS. MS.DPh.PhD.(B.H.U).  The two special procedures, “Kshara karma” (application of medicinal paste) for piles and fissure and “Kshara Sutra” (application of medicated thread) for fistula-in-ano are efficiently done.