Sasha and Tatiana wolfe

November 12, 2018

What can we say about Partha Ayurveda Ashrama? First of all setting is very peace full and very quiet (comapred to Bangalore). We loved listening to the birds in the morning and watching the monkeys in the afternoon. The food is wonerfull and although there is not much entertainment, there is plenty of time for reading and personal reflection.

The staff is very kind and attentive, always making sure the room is clean and comfortable. We came to India because my wife studing ayurveda and told me about Kshaara sootra therapy for my Pilonidal cyst. We found Dr Ramesh Bhat for my kshaara sootra surgery. Then we asked who colud see for my wifes tremors and with out hesitaing he said Dr P V Ramesh in Koppa. In addition to helping my wife, he was able to help maintain my kshaara sutra therapy as well.

We have come to know that Dr Ramesh is extremely compassionate and knowledgeable in the “pure” ways of Ayurveda. The individualised care and treatment is really good any thing else we have experienced. He was very careful about our diet and medicines. Always checking up on us at least 3times a day. At night we would look forward to the lessons he would teach about the system of Ayurveda and how to maintain a healthy happy and strong life. We truly believe that we were led here to this very special place by God. We cant thank enough Dr Ramesh as well as Rosy, Vimala, Gita, Sujatha Ramesh, Prashanth Dr Kodandaram and Kids for provinding enterainment too. Many blessing to all of You

With love, Sasha (USA) + Tatiana wolfe (Colombia)