Varsha Golgar

November 12, 2018

I come from one of the busiest, most polluted city that never sleeps – Mumbai. This city problems has caused my health to detriorate. I am suffering from Sinusites and when showed it to doctors in Mubai they suggested a surgery to take out nasal bones and drain the sinuses. This procedure made me nervous and wonder the after affects its going to have on my body.
My cousin called and asked me to come to Koppa and confidently told me I would be cured by Dr Ramesh. My first consultation with Dr Ramesh sealed the faith of being cured. Instead of asking me of my symptoms he told me exactly what I was going through. I stopped my antibiotics that I was taking (2000mg a day) and switched to his medicines immediately.
Partha ayurveda Ashramam is a place away from home but you feel as comfortable as your own. ( I hate the sight of hospitals and this place is exactly opposite). The ambience is peaceful, rooms are extremely clean and staff are very friendly catering to every need.

2weeks has been absolutely life chanding due to treatments ( has relieved pain, cleared my sinuses) and the knowledge that I have gained listening to Dr Ramesh.Sujatha is wonderful person ensuring we all eat healthy yet makes the most tasty food that Ihave always craved for. Shetakes time off to come and provide her warmth to each one of us by asking about out health and treatment.

I have made amazing friends in Chandrika and Sheela. Rosy, Vimala, and Geetha have been extremely helpful and friendly and have ensured we take timely medicine,food and treatment. Being here for 2weeks has given me hope and courage that I will make my health better and life holistic.

Thank you for curing me Dr Ramesh and I took forward to accepting more healing from you for the years to come.
With gratitude and respect.